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5 Critical Parts to Successful Selling

A business strategy & marketing consultancy is exposed to a lot of different companies and business methods. Here at OnTarget Strategy, we work with organizations in the Boulder and Denver area that have great operations and business development methods. So why do they need a consultant, you may ask? The answer…an independent viewpoint.


Sometimes company employees get so wrapped up in the overwhelming number of daily tasks that they forgot to look at the big picture. Sales is a great example. Every business wants more sales and increased revenue. Obviously, this is easier said than done. With the right attitude and methodical approach, however, sales can go from mediocre to great.

Selling, clearly, is an integral part of any business and must be done properly to be successful...and with success comes the enjoyment of selling. Everyone has fun when they’re winning.

Sell like a pro by incorporating the following tips into your sales process regardless of your business or profession.

(1) Have Passion and Believe in Your Product or Service

You must have a passion for what you are selling and true confidence and belief in the product or service. Customers purchase ‘value-add’ and want solutions to their problems...PEROID…FINITO. Customers are not initially interested in how a product is made or the business process until they understand the benefit. So, you or your employees must believe in the value of the product or service your business is selling, or how it solves a particular problem for customers. An in-depth knowledge of what problems are solved is not only important in getting the information to customers, it is also a confidence booster for whoever is doing the selling. When solutions are stressed to customers, selling becomes much easier. Salesmen begin “consulting” and customers start “partnering.”

(2) Know Your Customer

Not everyone needs your products or services. If your market scope is too broad, you will waste the effort trying to make a sale to someone (or a business) that does not need what your business is selling. On occasion, the need is there but the timing is off. Maximize your time and effort by understanding your market and target selling efforts to those specific customers who have the potential to purchase.

(3) Market a Message that Speaks Directly to Your Customer

When it comes to product messaging, tailor it to your customer. Know what your customers are seeking when they consider doing business with you. What are their needs? What is most important to a customer when purchasing from you? Create a message that allows your customer to feel understood. Build trust with your message before the personal approach even begins. This often requires more work to create unique messaging for different customer “personas”, but the results are worth the effort.

(4) Follow-Up with Prospects

A "no" can certainly mean "no" when it comes to sales, but it may also mean "just not now." Maybe the timing isn't right, an approval is needed, or things are really busy. If the sale process ends when a "no", a future sale might be lost if you're not diligent in following up with prospects. Out of sight, out of mind holds true with selling. It is important to follow-up, keep your name in front of prospects, and let future customers know that you're there now and will be there in the future when needed. Too much follow-up can certainly be annoying but the right amount of follow-up...true concern for a customer...can be just what is needed to close a sale. Likewise, a definite “no” should be viewed in a positive light. This allows you to close the opportunity and move onto other prospects. Dedicating time to a lost cause is the quickest way to fail.

(5) Make Selling Enjoyable

Make selling an enjoyable game in which you are the winner. Forget about “selling" and start providing benefits and solutions to customers. Build your business by building relationships, one relationship at a time. Practice the above tips of selling and see how quickly you can turn selling into something both enjoyable and profitable.

Ontarget Strategy is a business management and marketing consultancy based in Boulder, CO. Its client group consists of small and mid-sized companies based in Boulder, Denver, and across the country.

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