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Strategic Groundwork to Guide Your Business

OnTarget Strategy helps organizations maximize their tomorrow through planning and analysis today. We take a holistic look at a company's mission, culture, financial goals, and core competencies while we analyze products and market place dynamics to understand the optimal strategic path for the future.  A current, well developed strategy plan will provide the organization with a guiding light for daily activities.

Strategic Planning is a collaborative process that benefits from involvement at all levels of a business.  Greater organizational involvement improves content quality, organizational support and implementation success. 

Our strategic planning engagement begins with an executive meeting to better understand the current situation and the desired outcomes.  The exact agenda is customized to the client’s needs and expectations.  No two clients are exactly the same, why should your strategic planning be the same?

Some of the things we’ve done for other clients:

-        Strategy Workshops

-        Business Strategy Creation

-        Strategic Delivery/Operations Plan

-        Strategic Roadmap Creation

-        Market Analysis with Strategy Refresh

-        Competitive Strategy

-        Exit Strategy Creation

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