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  • Jeff Cloutier

The Ying and the Yang of Business Management

Leveraged conflict can be a good thing for your business strategy.

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As someone who’s held both business strategy and project management roles, I appreciate the unequivocal purpose and value of each. Likewise, I see the importance of keeping the Ying -Yang relationship purposely in place.

The opposing, and hopefully balanced, relationship of strategy and tactics has been present in human culture for centuries. It's the same in business in many ways. Strategy brings the vision and aspiration. It puts the organizational directive in place. Project management drives the day-to-day activity that brings strategy to fruition. It puts aspiration into action and sets objectives with accountable oversight.

An organization will realize success when it appreciates the value both bring and when both Strategy and Project Management empower each other. Leveraging both the conflicting and complementing facets of the union will strengthen strategy and improve the effectiveness of project delivery. The Yin Yang theory has been around for centuries to explain how the universe and its entities are balanced.

As explained on,

Yin and yang represent two opposite aspects of every object and its implicit conflict and interdependence. The nature of yin and yang is relative. According to Yin-Yang theory, everything in the universe can be divided into the two opposite but complementary aspects.

Sometimes the focus becomes unbalanced for one reason or another. Excessive attention is spent researching the strategy with little appreciation for the dynamics of implementation. Conversely, a blind focus on execution without acknowledgement of the big picture, mimics a ship without a rudder. In these situation, balance must be restored.

Embrace and internalize the Ying and the Yang within your business management strategy for a more successful organization.

OnTarget Strategy provides onsite business management and business strategy consultant services to organizations in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and the Colorado region. We also partner with clients across the United States and Canada.

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