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Small Business Solutions

Performance Based Services

Business management and marketing partnerships with minimum upfront investment and performance-based payment.

Canva - Business partnership consult and

The COVID-19 pandemic put unexpected strain on many small businesses across the country.  Recovery is often difficult as many folks don't have huge budget reserves for critical marketing and revenue generation efforts.  For most, the shutdown required the majority of emergency savings. 


To help with this situation, we are offering a new performance-based partnership program that's based on a revenue share arrangement rather than upfront hourly or project costs.  This means that our clients only pay when we deliver results with minimal upfront investment and reduced risk.

Please contact us to further discuss your business needs and our performance-based program.

  • Available for strategy, operations management, and marketing services

  • Custom agreements based on client needs

  • Minimal upfront costs 

  • Consultant - Client risk sharing

Example  Arrangement:

Acme Manufacturing wants to jump start sales after recalling furloughed employees.  Acme and OnTarget Strategy partner to create a marketing strategy and marketing operations plan.  Acme pays no upfront costs for the strategic planning and related marketing efforts.  Any marketing campaign expenses are split between Acme and OnTarget Strategy as the plan is executed.  


Once sales conversions are realized as a result of the efforts, OnTarget Strategy is paid 15% of revenues until project costs are covered.  OnTarget Strategy is then paid 5% of revenues for the remained of the campaign.  

Acme Manufacturing pays no upfront costs and it only responsible for minimal campaign expenses ( i.e. Google Ads) if the effort does not deliver.  Minimal risk for Acme.

Sound interesting enough for at least a phone call?  Great, call us today!

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